Are we done with the ‘inexperienced’ tag yet?

I read somewhere in today’s paper that some people are still trying to firmly nail the label ‘inexperienced’ to Barack Obama to  such extent that it will never go away.  For sure, if he is elected, he will certainly take a slender CV to the office than any president in history.  But surely over the past two years he has gained invaluable experience. They say that Obama has never run anything but that’s not true. His campaign has been run with incredible discipline and has magically and subtly acquired the Democratic Party establishment as represented by the Clintons.  It also helps that the team around him are loyal and dedicated.


The article also said that he may prove to be disappointment just like Jimmy Carter who also had good intentions but was also overwhelmed by the job.  America, right now, is like a sick patient that is depressed, tired and penniless and needs someone like Obama to inject new kind of political energy – into its citizens and to be seen in a new light around the world.  I thank America and am proud of America for giving this guy, and the rest of the world, a chance.

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