The friendly face of Racism?

The friendly face of racism?

The friendly face of racism?

Never thought the day would come when I would write something on my blog about Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party.  I guess this shows how far Old Nick has come. The annoying BBC with its need to show ‘due impartiality to a legally constituted party’ has made this man’s wishes come true by giving him all the publicity he needs and therefore enabling 1 in 5 people in Britain to vote for the BNP. Doesn’t Auntie ever learn?

The man tried hard to show himself as the friendly race of racism, that he can hate blacks but still sit next to them and smile with them.  And on top of that, he has the nerve to say he is neither a Nazi nor a racist. I wonder what he will say next.  Perhaps he will be disgusted with Peter Tatchell’s view that Malcolm X was gay or that Martin Luther King had extra-marital affairs.

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