The assassination of Eugene Terre-Blanche: So it’s Julius Malema’s fault?

So Eugene Terre-Blanche was assassinated. He was not killed because of some grand race war but at the hands of a disgruntled 15-year-old employee who was not given his wages on time. A 15-year-old Boy!! How embarrassing!! Is this what it came to for Mr. Blanche? Is this how his name will go down in the history books in years to come? Ag shame!

So what does the press try to do – reign in their favourite – Mr. Julius Malema, then accuse him of uttering some alleged racist comments in a song, and then hold him responsible for prompting this murder. For goodness sake, whatever next?

Yes, as I said elsewhere on this blog, Malema is a crude rough version of Malcolm X.  Just like Malcolm, he is totally unafraid of whites and is keen to remove the fear and mystique of whites. And he does this by challenging issues no matter how undiplomatic he may be. He is there to cater for his people first before anybody else. So, understandably, he is totally unpalatable and unacceptable to whites but the grass-roots adore him. As awful as that may sound but that is the truth.

For the AWB to attempt some revenge attack either on the people responsible for ET’s death or randomly attack black people would only make them look pathetic and desperate. South Africa is a beautiful country and I very much hope that South Africa can progress in peace instead of spending its time sweating the small stuff.

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