Should South Africa ban the Vuvuzela’s from the stadiums?

The Vuvuzela: ‘A primitive noise making device created by primitive people’.  That’s what a blogger said from the Yahoo sports site!!

I’m not there in South Africa but I am watching the matches daily from my TV and really enjoying it! Yes, there is a bit of a din that emanates from the TV but it doesn’t drown the over excited commentator and of course, it cannot diminish the enthusiastic cheers from the crowds. Before a game begins there are all sorts of documentaries shown on the progress of the country and all the tribulations encountered. But you can’t feel but pleased that South Africa has come this far to point of surpassing countries like Nigeria and Egypt in hosting one of the greatest events ever! 

 Perhaps a bit of a compromise is needed here. Maybe the crowd could be asked to play their vuvuzela’s at certain times or perhaps only a certain amount could be allowed into the stadium. We know a compromise can be reached as I’m sure south Africa wants to be remembered in a positive light and not have their guests leave with dissatisfaction and an experience where there are not likely to want to visit that part of the world again.  But I do not think South Africa deserves the negative racist comments that has hurled at them as a result.  It’s a long time to wait another four years for this event to come around again. So let’s savour and enjoy and park the negatives in the waste bin.

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