Beyonce: Yes! You are betraying your Roots!

What do white people think when Blacks whiten themselves and integrate weaves with their natural hair?  Is it something that deserves a quite smug, pity or indifference?  In the British Sunday Times 20.2.11, the journalist, Rod Liddle, remarked on the fact that the singer Beyoncé seemed to be getting whiter and blonder.  He even admitted that he preferred Beyoncé’s ‘look’ to how she were some years ago, and said it ‘suited’ her much better than the late Michael Jackson.  But he tried hard to limit the damage by wondering why anyone would want to be white at this time – as if he doesn’t really understand!

He should know as the astute observer that he is, that for a lot of us, it is sad and embarrassing that Black women probably feel that they cannot go out on the street unless there is some sort of weave or wig on top of their head; unless our skin tone looks like honey, and for those of us who relax our hair, that we pray it doesn’t rain. Praising Beyoncé for how she looks does wonders for the rest of us.

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