10 days after the Tottenham Riots

I went to the Tottenham Leisure Centre this afternoon and apparently missed Mr. Cameron.  What a pity!!

I went down the High Road towards Bruce Grove and was amazed that  everyone I walked pass were either on their mobiles discussing the latest or talking to someone about all that has happened.  The police appeared positive and were keen to be of assistance.  But the saddest part of my journey is arriving to the site where Allied Carpets used to be and only to be met with a wooden board surrounding the desolate area, and the heads of cranes and JCB’s removing whatever was left of the building.

I’ve been asked by bloggers if the road looks like a ‘war zone’ well, it cannot totally look like a war zone because there are other buildings standing along the derelict ones, and they are intact.  But the ruined buildings fuels my imagination of what it must have been like when London was attacked during the Second World War or if a movie was being made, (again set during the Second World War), the work the production crew would have to put in place to make sure the set looks realistic (what comes to my mind is the Roman Polanski film ‘The Pianist’ – the set and the film looked realistic).

However, seeing these buildings and quickly realizing that people lived in these buildings reminds me of how devastating the whole thing is.  The other positive thing is the when I was in the Leisure Centre, I asked a member of the Salvation Army if they needed anything as I had some items that needed removing. I was told that they been inundated with all sorts of items but they didn’t need anything more; and that the response was totally fantastic. The people who lost their homes were overwhelmed and the council had quickly found them homes.   A somewhat good ending.

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