The Artist’s Way – Does it really work?

The Artist's Way

I realize this is the wrong time to mention The Artist’s Way as I’m currently on Week 5. Never mind so what am I experiencing? Anything profound?  Difficult to say only except that no matter what I feel that I have to keep going. I bought this book over a year ago and just watched it collect dust while it was on my book shelf.  Then one day, I said to myself that ‘tomorrow’ will be the day that I will start this thing! And so I did.  I did my Morning Pages, sometimes the Artist’s Date, occasionally the tasks and had to keep reminding myself to do the Check-ins, and then I stopped, without giving myself any reason.  This year, I promised that I would restart it and complete it. When I completed Week 2 I understood why I stopped last year. I was afraid.  Afraid that this book could impose some changes that I was not ready to handle. The strange thing was that after Week 3, I went for a walk to the nearby park and three Rottweiler’s charged towards me! As I stood facing the gate of house, hanging on and screaming my head off for dear life (as I really thought I was going to meet my maker!), two of the dogs ran past but the other one bit my calf.

Shaken, I went to a house and took refuge in the property until the dogs were harnessed put away. An exchange took place between me and the owner of the dogs. She apologized for what happened but was very defensive about her dogs. She insisted on taking me to the hospital and paying for any medication. I was given a cocktail of tetanus, anti-rabies and antibiotic injections plus a number of tablets. I found out several days later the owner lied about her dogs being up to date with their shots. But anyway, I am fine. But it got me thinking. Synchronicity? Even before coming across this word in the Artist’s Way I was never a believer in ‘coincidence’.  So the question I put to myself was did I bring this negative experience into my life, and if so, why? I still don’t know the answer (unless any of you guys can tell me).  But I pray that as I continue with this journey which I want so much to work that the ‘excavation’ does not unearth anything else profound.

Week 4, I found myself writing more than just three pages. Writing a letter to myself when I’m 85 and writing a letter from myself at eight years old I found totally cathartic.  The experience stayed with me for the entire day, and just kept me thinking about my past. My past was not all that great but I guess I have learnt to bury all the debris deep within, believing that I would not have face it but in Week 4 I did.  I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “The Artist’s Way – Does it really work?

  1. Yikes! Bad dogs! Reminds me of Stephen King’s Cujo—apparently that rabid beast was based on the rather intimidating dog of King’s mechanic.

  2. Strange thing happened today – the owner called me, apologised for not being in contact with me as she was abroad. Offered to continue paying for my injections etc and wanted to visit me! It did make me feel a whole lot better especially as she said that she would take her dog to a behaviourist as it was prone to biting people. Well, let’s see what happens.

  3. You have no idea how afraid of dogs I am. If that happened to me, I would’ve been traumatized. I think it has to do with the fact that when we were elementary school age, me and my cousin got off the bus and was heading towards her house. We had walked through her neighbor’s yard; they had a rottweiler chained up.

    It barked fericiously at us and suddenly, jumped up biting my cousin on the face and knocking her down on the ground. Her dog had to help her; he won the fight against the rottweiler.

    It’s so strange because she’s not afraid of dogs at all (the one attacked and bitten), but I’m totally frightened (only the witness). I wonder why things work out that way.

    Your book sounds interesting; I love anything that makes me think on a personal, analytical level. I guess it’s a part of my sensitive personality style.

    Keep smiling,

  4. Many thanks for this! In fact I just mentioned about TAW on your blog not realising that you left a comment here! Yeah, the book is making me realise that ‘sensitives’ are special people. A friend of mine told me the other day how my experiences have brought to me where I am, and also I’m dwelling in negativity to the point I ‘attract’ negative energy that comes in all shapes and forms. The book is a three month course and penned by Julia Cameron, ex-wife of the movie director Martin Scorcese. She is a great writer and what she has to say is, to me, is profound. If you get a chance, read it.

    Keep cheerful

  5. Firstly, I am so sorry to hear about the dog incident. Definately not good and I’m glad to hear you’re okay. I did however find this post a joy to read because I too have been struggling with The artist’s way. Like you, I brought it about a year ago, got to around week 5 and it has been on the shelf ever since. Again, I am sure the reason is fear! The book itself is a real gem and the exercises extremely helpful but, as you pointed out, it is very daunting! I mainly threw in the towel after arriving at a chapter which instructed me to stop reading for a week. I understand why this point was made but it struck fear into my heart! No reading for a week is impossible for me. Nonetheless, I think that perseverance is key and I will look forward to seeing how you get on!
    All the best,

  6. Many thanks for your comment Olivia. Would you believe that today, the father of the owner of the dog called me today, to explain that he’d been out of the country for a month and he had just got back. He was shocked when the complaint I had sent to the Chair of the estate had been passed to him. He apologised profusely and that he wanted to visit myself and my partner to apologise in person. It made me feel so much better, almost as if a heavy burden had been lifted. He said that he spoke to his daughter as he had given her warning about the dogs and will buy muzzles for the dogs. Just saying sorry makes all the difference! Have a great day!

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