Today is the day!

Each day brings us a gift – that is, if we choose to see it. Today’s gift for me is this article. Truly uplifting.

The Power Within


I have been using an app on my iPad called “Overcoming Self Sabotage” by Debbie Ford, and every week I learn something new about myself and how to overcome my worst enemy, MYSELF.

Today’s lesson talks about being hurt, learning to stop the all too common and normal easy path of blaming others, having the courage to take ownership, getting to know yourself and take action.

So, in case you are not yet reading, working and listening Debbie’s helpful meditations and exercises, I am posting what I have read today. I believe we all have been there and need to be reminded that today is all that we have, and blame is a just a waste of time and energy. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.


Maybe You Just Hurt

Today is the day to wake up and realize that life is short, moments are precious…

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