Becoming Mindful for 2015

2014 was sort of an okay year. I say this as it sped past in a single blink, and added to that, I’m guilty of not having done too much!  There has been the daily routine of work (I manage a shop), I attended several conferences, managed an exhibition, attended meetings, and travelled to London. The year ended with the family coming together for Xmas and the New Year, and each moment was a treasure which I thoroughly enjoyed (my kids study abroad). But I feel as though I should have done more.  So now that 2015 has begun, I’ve decided that I want to learn something, not something that will contribute to my work, but to me.

morning sunOf recent I’ve noticed how my mind likes to do its own thing. By that I mean, it likes to chat endlessly.  It likes to tell me what I can’t do, what to worry or whine about; it leads me to believe that I can experience my past, which has long since gone, or experience the future, which is yet to be.  It seems to feel threatened by the present and so far, has managed to convince me that happiness is obtainable, even though I know it’s a fleeting experience. It fights the belief, ‘nothing is ever permanent’ and therefore keeps you stuck in the notion that ‘things remain the same’. I get some relief when I’m with family/friends or at church.

It is said that ‘a mind can be a humble servant or a dangerous master’.  It is how you use it that will decide which direction it will take. If you don’t ‘direct’ it, you are just left confused and unfocused. There is a lot of information on courses where you can learn to study the mind such as Psychology or NLP; or you can learn to quieten it with Mindfulness Meditation. My rule for this New Year is that besides improving my health, I have to look after my mind. Has anyone taken a course in Mindfulness or NLP?  How did you find it?  If you live in London, which courses did you take and where?  I would love to know.

If 2014 was a great year for you, then brilliant.  But if it wasn’t, then I hope, for you and I, the New Year brings us what we want and surpasses our expectations.

8 thoughts on “Becoming Mindful for 2015

  1. I saw your comment elsewhere saying this blog is regarding losing one’s mind… my blog is truly about just that! (Or, it will be…) 🙂

    • Hi
      Thanks for your comment. I guess my article is about the possibility of losing one’s mind, and trying to make sure that you do something about it before it get worse. I’d like to think I’m alright but I have a tendency of being negative i.e, knocking myself, judging others etc. The number of courses that are now available these days to help, provides some relief; in that if your mental state is a little rocky on its foundations, then there is something you can do. As I get older, I realise our minds can be powerful, if we use it right but it can also be vulnerable and weak, if we don’t.

      • Yes and no. I do yoga and exercise most days but I don’t specifically do any mindfulness activities beyond that. I know I should.

        I’m a teacher and a lot of the research coming out is saying that teaching midfulness to youngsters can be a powerful tool in combating low self-estem and improving happiness. Unfortnately it’s still seen as hippy crap by most parents – why teach that when they could be doing more maths. This is especially true in the context I work in.

  2. I guess I’m a little bit like the hippy parents (Sorry!) that kids should do all they can, learn all they can with Maths and English. But at the same time, teach Mindfulness as well, and let them see it is a very useful tool to use. This reminds me back in the day, when an army of tutors would arrive at the house everyday, helping my daughter with her Maths. It worked out well in the end. Have a great day!

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