What will 2017 bring?

I know that it is considered taboo to speak or write about a member of family that you are having problems with. I remember some years ago reading an article in The Guardian, by a well known journalist, who had a troublesome son. She went into detail about his addiction with drugs, and I guess she was perplexed as to what to do about it. She probably felt that writing about it was cathartic for her.  But there was a massive backlash from readers – it wasn’t just from Guardian readers or The Daily Mail readers, presenters from the tv programme, The View all complained and said it was completely out of order.

I also got up on my high horse and agreed with everyone else. But today, as I write this, when I just found out my Uncle, from my mother’s side has passed away, is also when I find out that my son has been disrespecting his Uncles and other members of the family. Threatening to hit them and abusing them. He is in his late twenties.

He might have BPD; he diagnosed this himself by completing one of those online questions but he doesn’t want to do anything about it other shut himself up in his room. His anger comes quickly to the point that he could physically hurt someone, so everyone has to step carefully around him when speaking to him.  And I guess really, the most frustrating thing is, knowing what to do. He’s been to several counsellors but he doesn’t find them of use. We pray about it but we feel as though we are losing our grip on the situation. I just hope that this new year, will be kind to us; we hope that our son can find the peace that he is looking for.

Have a peaceful year, everyone.

6 thoughts on “What will 2017 bring?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. Funny I was actually thinking of you the other day! Will keep you in prayer. While I’m no expert on mental health, there are a number of online resources that your son might find helpful especially if he doesn’t want to speak to someone at present (this might change). There’s a resource soon to be launching that looks promising – http://www.recovr.co.uk/. And just as important, there are some resources for people like yourself who are supporting people with mental health issues. Mind.org.uk has some info on this. Hope it’s helpful, and hope that the situation improves and you find your way through as a family. Best x

    • Thanks so much queenpea. Its great to hear from you. Likewise, I was also thinking of you. I hope you and your family are well. Yes, family members and friends have been supportive but I guess what is really trojubling is knowing what to do. It’s the kind of thing that is capable of breaking up the family, as every time something happens (with him), my husband and I will surely argue and start playing the blame game. But as a friend said to me, ‘if we want him, we have to fight for him’ so that’s what we are doing and intend to keep on doing. Thanks for the link. I will certainly follow it up. Thanks again, and I look forward to reading some stuff from you. Take care x

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your son’s situation. Mental issues are complex. It’s not like a little cut that you could just put a bandage on. Even with the same diagnosis, each person is different with different symptoms. If the book or online info list 30 symptoms, doesn’t mean that every person has the same diagnosis would have all 30. Somehow if your son could get professional help would be a better choice.
    I found your blog from Jason’s blog, would like to hear some more of how you’re doing. Please visit me at

  3. Hi there, and many thanks for your concern and kind words. In fact he has an appointment with a Doctor sometime, this week. There is only so far that his parents can get involved as everything depends on him. My son lives quite a distant from me so he has do these things himself. However, I hope to visit him perhaps during the Easter period and just be there for him, if he needs me. It is a trying time, and I hope the Almighty listen to my prayers.

  4. I think if it is someone’s blog, they can do with they want. People don’t have to read it if they find it offensive.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I write about. I also host blog parties like Jason. I met you at his party.

  5. Hi
    Thanks for liking my posts but I’m intrigued – who is Jason?? And you say I met you at his party – I’m wondering if you are confusing me with someone else!!

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