I enjoy reading, creative writing, travel; my fav places – Lagos, London, Croydon, Manchester, Jo’burg, Cape Town, Accra, Abuja, Port Harcourt, (and of recent Dubai), my family, my book-group friends, my writer friends. Interested or curious in how people of different nationalities try to get along or don’t.  Hence my strong interest in South African literature and post colonial literature.

Favourite  writers:

South African: Doris Lessing; Nadine Gordimer; Christopher Hope, Damon Galgut, Gillian Slovo.

British/West Indian writers: V.SNaipaul, Andrea Levy, Maggie Gee, Carlye Phillips, Donna Daley Clarke, Angela Carter, Mike Phillips, Courttia Newland.

West African writers: Chinua Achebe, Buchi Emecheta, Chimamanda Ngozi.

Dubai: The Vulnerability of Success by Christopher Davidson.

I like to write about places that I’ve been to so I’m likely to make comments on Britain, South Africa, Nigeria and Dubai and hopefully my blog is made up of varied experiences of different places.


I’ve posted a few articles at the beginning of this year. When I came across Petronella Wyatt’s article on bullying in schools, it reminded me of my own experiences and how they compare to what is happening today. The book and the movie The Help has proved to be interesting controversial interesting whatever! But I penned my thoughts, see what you think. Also I wrote on the The Artist’s Way. The big question is does it work?  As I write this I am on Week 7 and I hope I make it to the end, so let’s see what will happen. Keep you posted!


I just need to add – I noticed from the end of year report that you get from WordPress, that for some reason, my post on experiences in Scotland has received a lot of traffic. Happy that people come along and read but probably when they do read it they are disappointed. Reason being is that it’s not about dating black women or Scottish men, just my encounter with the Scots when I lived there for a while, which I have to say, what a positive one. The second most popular blog is on Kate Middleton and bullying.  As stated in my New Year blog, I hope to write more posts that are spiritually inclined.

Take care!


Like I said in my blog, 2014 went so quick, and on top of that I felt that I had not done too much. My intention for this year is to write more blogs, do some NLP and other interesting stuff. I live in Abuja, Nigeria and this is the year of the mighty election. This would be my third ‘election’ since being in this country and normally people would predict that things will become more serious as we get closer to voting day. But of course, the elections happened, there were no problems and all was well. But for this forthcoming election, it will be tough and possibly violent. Boko Harum seem determined to continue their campaign of terror.  Over 2000 people were killed in Baga from a bomb explosion in the early part of January.  I pray things go well as Nigeria, despite what anyone says, has treated me well and I would hate to leave it. I hope it does not come to that.


This year was a sad year for me. My mother passed away in October ’15. It’s still hard to believe that she has gone as my mind constantly looks back to a time, when this beautiful, intelligent woman, was always working hard for her family. Life was hard for her and she felt that she had wasted a large chunk of it i.e, that she could have done more. I wished she had done, as she was talented. But I hoped she realised how she sacrificed herself for us. I know that sounds dramatic, but she did and I pray that where she is, in her new home, she is rewarded and happy.

The take-away thoughts as a result of my mother’s passing is that life is too short and that I should strive hard to make sure I accomplish more and that there are no regrets. In this new year, I hope to blog more, write more, do online courses as well as attend physical courses, watch less TV and of course, read more. I was reminded a few days ago by WordPress, that I registered nine years ago, which is good but to date I have only accumulated a hundred followers. I hope to increase this x3 by the end of this year.

Happy reading and have a great New Year!


In 2015,  I attended a Life Writing course and an Iyengar Yoga course. I didn’t do an online course as I said I would; unfortunately, all those incredible TV dramas hypnotized me and therefore took up my time.  I became more taken my spiritual gurus such as Wayne Dyer and in general doing more meditation. I didn’t do many articles especially towards the end of the year.

With the writing I’ve realised that whatever fiction I try to write, I unconsciously choose topics or subjects that will have something to do with my life or the experiences I’ve had. So it makes sense that I should look to write about various aspects of my life. And what I learnt in the Life Writing class that it is okay to fictionalise your experiences ie, give it a plot and structure etc. Or begin with motive (why did I want to emigrate to South Africa?) and end with a resolution (don’t know what that would be as we ended up leaving the place just only living there for two years).

So for this year, I intend to end the year with a draft of sorts, still continue with the yoga and meditation and hopefully more articles.

Sorry that my greeting is soooo late but have a good one!


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  1. Thanks for your comment, plaintain. It led me to your blog, which is very interesting. I’m pondering a lot of the same issues right now. It seems like you live in Lagos. Let me know if you ever make it to Benin, and I will do the same if I get over to Nigeria. You can find my email address on the “About” section of my blog.

    • Hi Claire
      No, I’ve not read anything by Jackie Kay but I did attend a talk she gave a few years ago at Wood Green Library in North London. And as for Ms Forna, I have one of her books at home, still waiting to be read. I hope I do soon. I take it you’ve read books by these authors, what did you like about their books?

      • Doesn’t she have a wonderful voice Jackie Kay 🙂 I haven’t heard her in person, but I have listened to her read some of her work on a poetry archive online. You can read my review of her non-fiction memoir Red Dust Road here which I think is an amazing book and beautifully written of an extraordinary personal journey.

        Aminatta Forna was recommended to me and first I read The Memory of Love first and then more recently The Hired Man. I would like to read her non-fiction work as well. I think these authors are interesting women as well as being accomplished writers and they have the ability to cross into different cultures and share stories and experiences in a way that really appeals to me.

      • Yes she does. She talked about how she creates her characters. She was referring to her newly released book Trumpet. She also spoke of her time when she returned to Nigeria to meet her father/father’s family, and how it was a painful experience for her. For Aminatta, I was to attend a talk she was giving, somewhere in London, but I was unable to make it. I do have one of her books, which at present I cannot find, but I’ve seen her interviewed on TV and she is, highly articulate. I buy books and keep and at some point I do get around to reading them. Aminatta’s one, I will do at some point. But with Maya’s book, I was ‘drawn’ to it and simply had to read it. Hard to explain really.

    • Welcome to my blog. You will find that I write now and then but I hope to increase this. I liked your article about Life imitating Art. It’s so fitting as I’m looking to do a course next year in Memoir or Biography, and your article has given me ideas of the direction I would want to take.

  2. I am grateful I found this blog and will now have a chance of following. From what I have been reading I found a real heart-connection with the articles and stories. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much for your response. I haven’t been writing of recent as I’m trying to write about my time when my family and I lived in South Africa. It’s taking up my time and my attention. Many blessings to you Faye and I trust you’ll have a peaceful Easter.

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