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  1. “They’re on a different level”

    Wow. What can you say to that?

    I can sense your discomfort in this piece of writing, discomfort at the woman’s neediness and discomfort with knowing how to react.

    You say you had many more disturbing encounters like this – perhaps you could write them down and post them on your blog 🙂

  2. Sophie, thanks for your response. I think what happened here was typical of a number experiences I went through whilst being in SA: on one level people felt relieved that I could speak English and sounded like those I left in the UK. It seemed to make up for their many years of tolerating English spoken with a Zulu/Africaans accent. It also meant they saw me as ‘civilised’. But presenting this experience creatively, I’ve gotten a lot of flak. One guy who read it said he found it disturbing, that I was too hard on the woman and when would this fight end. I told him although it (and the other story titled Shopping Day) was fiction, it was based on fact. The ‘honesty’ aspect is again something taught to me, mainly by reading SA fiction.

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